About Us

Mark Thomas, Owner

Mark Thomas has 30 years of experience in meeting the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning needs of customers in the Mid-South making him an expert in heating and air Rossville TN. Working his way up, he started out as a helper in college to now for the past 19 years owning his own business. With a heart to serve this community with the best HVAC care possible, Global Central Air Services was born!

Mark is a down to earth, trustworthy, and hardworking owner-operator. When it comes to heating and air Rossville TN, Mark works in just as many attics and crawl spaces as our team members. That is because we believe that to be a true leader you have to be able to set an example for the rest of the staff.

He also makes a point to not only work hard at educating his staff but his customers when it comes to any heating and air Rossville TN issues that they might be facing. We often see contractors who like to pull the wool over your eyes and keep you in the dark so that they can charge for problems that are not there. Mark makes a point to actively combat this poor business model by building his heating and air Rossville TN company around transparency and honesty with his customers.

The one thing that Mark is more passionate about then heating and air Rossville TN is his animals. Being the animal lover that he is, Mark owns four dogs that go on ride-alongs every day to every call.

It is reMARKable.

Kenny Mort, Service Manager

Kenny has been in heating and air Rossville TN for over 12 years and is an expert in all things Lennox. We see Kenny as a model employee because he has a strong work ethic and is the first one in the office each day and the last one out every day! As a family man with a wife and 2 sons he values the importance of our customers time and budgets. We look for employees who constantly set the bar higher and challenge us to continually grow as a company.

Terry Boyd, Service Tech

Terry Boyd has over 30 years in industrial maintenance and is also in property management expert owning over 15 rental properties. He is extremely detail oriented, making sure that he gets the job done right the very first time. Terry understands the urgency of an HVAC emergency and treats every single service call as if it is his own home or one of his many rental properties. He is an endless well of knowledge and we extremely value his experience while also admiring his attitude to constantly do better!

Katie Smith, Office Manager

Katie has over 17 years of experience in working with a small business, also having dabbled in non-profit office management. She wears many hats in this heating and air Rossville TN office. Along with maintaining the accounts receivable dept, she also oversees HR, marketing, warranties, ordering equipment and parts while also operating as dispatch for the service techs. Making sure that we are organized and prepared is one of our highest priorities as it benefits the customer by ensuring they will have technicians arrive when they are supposed to and quick service available.

Dana Breading, Accounts Payable

Dana is a fantastic addition to our heating and air Rossville TN office staff! Her bright and sunny personality handles all the accounts payables, insurance and state licenses. She also helps Katie juggle all of her hats and picks up where needed in the office. Being someone who is hardworking and willing to fill in the gaps when needed is a skill that we absolutely treasure in each and every one of our staff members.

Vision for the Company

Our continued vision for Global Central Air Services, Inc. is to educate the Mid-South in all your heating and air Rossville TN needs. We strive to consistently go above and beyond, never scared to do an extra mile for our customers if it will best benefit them. We desire to cultivate a company that revolutionized the reputation that most contactors have. Customer service is most important to us, pushing us to have the highest quality of service, communication, and making sure we leave your space in tip top shape.

Our heart is for residential work as we love being able to serve the members of our communities and make sure that they are comfortable in their homes despite the intense southern weather! However, we are a full service heating and air Rossville TN company that can also perform many different commercial jobs as well. We want you to be able to trust that when you are needing heating and cooling services that you can call Global Central Air Services and we will be able to get the job done!

We believe in hiring character over skill any day of the week so that we can make sure that our heating and air Rossville TN company is filled with employees who are hardworking, coachable, and operate with an incredible amount of integrity. This ensures that our customer service will never be compromised and the staff that we employee will be willing to learn how to perform the highest quality of HVAC services.